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"We’re standardizing our daily reporting software to NoteVault in order to get greater visibility into our projects and to receive real-time notifications of happenings on the job site...

We evaluated several software providers and found that NoteVault was by far the best in class and offered significant advantages for our onsite team and clients."

McCarthy Holdings, Inc.
Michael Oster
VP/CIO Information Technoloy

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
"We selected NoteVault for a number of reasons- the first of which is to streamline the documentation process, not only for documenting the daily work on the project site, but also to help defend against unmerited claims. NoteVault enables our project managers to work more efficiently by reviewing the reports daily, keeping on top of issues as they happen.

Courts will listen to this type of documentation - real time - more so than handwritten notes or thoughts after the fact. NoteVault helps tell who’s at fault.”
John Roe
Senior Corporate VP

Malcolm Drilling
“The best Note Keeping App for construction.

Being able to write notes by talking to the phone instead of typing them makes it incredibly useful when walking around big construction projects. The ability to attach pictures to notes is also quite useful."
Baldemar Audeves
Project Engineer

DPR Construction
“The use of Notevault has been invaluable to our safety and construction documentation... Our staff now has a tool to report and track progress and issues faster and more accurately than ever before. The ability to communicate in this automated format has provided the project team of Hunt, our subcontractors as well as our Owner a clearer understanding of the day to day project status and safety related items in real time.

The results of this effort can be seen across projects in terms of employee accountability, issue tracking, and project safety reporting which has helped Hunt maintain our ADOSH Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) status."
Brent Leif
Sr. Vice President & Branch Manager

Hunt Construction Group
“Our President and our owners are all able to keep up on progress and see any delays or issues on our projects. It’s really helped everyone, on every level, keep up with what’s going on in the field.

Jim [FORMA President Jim Phillips] takes our notes and photos and sends an email to our company with a weekly synopsis of what’s going on. We all get to see what’s happening on different projects. It has really increased our communication from field to office and field to other projects.

Doing dailies has never been easier. I would recommend this service to all that require daily reports.”
Chad Lincoln

FORMA Construction
"NoteVault’s ease of use was a huge selling point for us… Our worries about spending too much time learning how to use the product were squashed, and the team has fully embraced NoteVault quickly and easily.

It has completely changed our reporting style… We weren’t expecting this, but the byproduct has been increased communication and collaboration.

…the training is nothing, the time it takes to compile the daily reports is less than what you’re doing… there is little to no administration required for it, nothing from an IT standpoint you need to have in place… it’s a standalone system that requires little to no support.”
Mark Ward
Director of Project Management

River City Construction, LLC
We were looking for a way for our supervisors to save time in the field...

Completing Daily Reports can take hours to detail what has happened throughout the day, especially if you’re writing hard copy reports by hand. NoteVault lets our supervisors use their phones to record throughout the day, allowing them to recap and relay events in real-time. This is particularly useful for incident reporting, as our staff can communicate exactly what has occurred and instantly send that information out..."

Jimbo Bunnell
VD of Operations

"NoteVault has and is, daily, saving us time every day in field reporting. In 30 years this is by far the best daily reporting I’ve ever used."
David Adams

"I have used this program along with some of the biggest contractors there are. Very user friendly! The best part of the program is you talk in to your phone, take a few photos or videos and it is put in to a report format that is very professional. Longitude and Latitude is logged in along with a time stamp. Perfect for a legal document, dictation is not done by a computer program but by a real life person... NoteVault punctuation is perfect."
Herbert Sollars
Safety Director

Calex Engineering Company
"I own a small Owner Project Management Firm representing Owners for Capital Projects. A key part of my overall work in the field and office is the maintenance of notes to cover myself and my clients on issues and day to day recording of activities. I have found NoteVault to be an invaluable tool in maintaining field notes, field surveys, emails, notes following meetings, photos and at times even as a reminder note tool using keyword email triggers.

In 2014 I discovered NoteVault and have had great success with it since... it has been refined to be an outstanding tool that serves my clients and I very well.

The overall program is very easy to use. Their live agent transcription is of high quality and my edits are tracked so that you can review them in the event that you need to show someone the original note. Better yet your notes can be heard from the original note being dictated so there is never a question as to what you stated when dictating through their playback note feature. Most notes are transcribed within an hour but rarely goes beyond to 6 hours. Posting Photos is very simple is also a powerful tool, that allows you to provide simple markup to the photo to highlight what you want to focus on your point. Each project is also assigned an email, as such you are able to incorporate critical emails to the system and they become part of your project notes. A Very Powerful tool. The program while supported by Android, also has a great web based desktop viewer that eases editing, allows for filtered searches, maintains the site weather based on the project zip code and offers ability to code your notes into custom categories. When all is done it also formats your notes into sleek well organized report with weather, separated by category that makes it easy for sharing which can include your logo and custom graphics.

The program even records the location you dictated the note from and allows you to see it in google maps from the desktop version. Additionally you can track equipment and manpower from the system as well and that information can be reflected in your report. Simply stated I am a very satisfied user of NoteVault and have found the value of the NoteVault service to be priceless. Keep up the great work NoteVault Team, THANK YOU for a Job Well Done!"
William E. Marchetti

W. E. Marchetti Consulting, LLC
"The greatest asset of NoteVault is the time that it saves me in generating my safety reports. I used to dread sitting down and downloading pictures, typing my comments and corrections and then generating the report. It used to take me an hour minimum to get a single report out! With NoteVault, this morning I edited 3 different job site inspections and sent the reports to the people that needed them within 15 minutes for all of them!!

I truly enjoy the flexibility of the application, I snap pictures and speak the comments and within an hour - the report is generated and ready for edit."
Paul Kerstiens
Safety Director

BRB Contractors, Inc.
“We set ourselves the highest safety levels, because it makes sense for our customers, our people, and our projects... but it can be a challenge to document things when using paper based systems. With NoteVault we’ve dramatically increased not only our focus on safety challenges in the work site, but also safety success so we’re actively recording our teams doing the right things which we just never did before. This is huge for a business that prides itself on safety.”
Jim Connor
Operations Manager Pipelines

Dutco McConnell Dowell
"NoteVault is very easy to use and very helpful for proof of documentation - such as picture images. The company is very helpful when you have an issue and quickly to resolve any issue."
Cuathemoc Solis
Quality Control Inspector

NOVA Services
"NoteVault definitely saves me time and I especially like the Auto Reporting feature, which means that the Home Office is automatically updated on the status of a job by email at the end of each business day.”
Eric Johnson
Vice President

TC3 Construction Services
"NoteVault is hands down the best software I have ever used on a construction site. I don't know why everybody isn't using this software. This software has been amazing for our company."
Gareth King
Project Superintendent

Coastal Marine Construction, LLC
"... Weather is a huge part of our job. Having NoteVault’s header push weather automatically is very useful to see across all reports – we can see if it was sunny, cold, or humid… see if weather played a role in an equipment malfunction, in addition to tracking and correlating failures with temperature and humidity.

It’s definitely improved our processes from field to office. We can track notes under specific definitive categories, like spare part inventory and mileage, which makes the reports more clear.

My team can leave notes when the info is fresh in their minds, upload photos, and then finish back at home putting in specific details and serial numbers… Signing the reports and having the company logo at the top of each report also gives the employee ownership of the task and project. These reports are brought back to me in a formal fashion as opposed to a spreadsheet with cells that are all over the place.”
Brian Hancz
Director of Asset Management

NextSun Energy
"NoteVault is essential for any company that has multiple projects in different areas. The photos and the Daily Reports it generates keep us informed on what is going on with our projects.

Our team in the field was able to quickly learn how to use the app and it takes them just minutes to record their daily progress. It eliminates the need to scan and save hand written reports, and also eliminates the possibility of ever losing a written report. It is well worth the investment."
Jim Gordon
Project Manager

G&D Erectors
"NoteVault is really simple and easy to use, my guys in the field were able to pick it up and start using it effectively with just a 10 minute crash course I gave them myself. Our daily reporting and job tracking has improved dramatically, this has saved many trips to the field to verify things or to check up on jobs. NoteVault is a great software at a great price."
Jared Mathews
General Manager

Mathews Mechanical
"We were very pleased! The time saving was the most important feature for us. We spent considerably less time managing hard copy files. Our team was confident knowing that all the information and data we needed was kept in one place. We were able to spend fewer hours organizing, and put that time into more valuable functions for our business."
Abby Sanders

Stone Interiors
"A big pro is the ease of use for field workers, translation available so non-native speakers can record notes in their native language. This makes for an incredibly efficient experience for those in the field. The features are a huge hit... we can efficiently capture daily details and jobsite condition notes."

Joshua Dreyfus
Application Support Engineer

Sundt Construction
"For KPH, Inc it is all about photos… Taking pictures of site conditions such as safety issues, site cleanliness, utility locate flags, our finished installation and changes in the scope of the job to have proof for the engineer or owner. Also excellent for making job notes during the day and at the end of day. The weather 3 times a day at each site that I am managing sometimes 5-6 per day and 50 miles apart is very beneficial. Also being able to print off all your projects at the end of year is great for bringing to meetings with owner/engineers and our employees.

Easy to use. Everything is quickly available to document work progress and issues. Attach photos easily."
Lance Nitschke
Project Manager

KPH, Inc.
"As a nationwide construction firm with projects spread out from Denver to Miami, NoteVault has been the catalyst in gathering and maintaining the information we need to manage our projects. It allows our management team to make decisions based on "real time" information throughout the day. Project pictures, voice inscribed text and having all information from all of the projects in one place has brought the job site back to the office for better decision making."
Garret Burleson
Vice-President of Operations

Interstate Sealant & Concrete, Inc.
"Our company has been using NoteVault for years and it is a great program that will help enhance the reporting of your field teams. Our clients enjoy getting a sleek report daily from the field that allows them to track onsite progress. It can be easily integrated into your business, the NoteVault team is always available, and the program is worth giving a shot."
Danny Barnett
Chief Financial Officer

NOVA Services, Inc.