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Construction is hard.

Daily reporting shouldn't be.

Why write reports when you can speak them?

Capture job site information using the power of voice. Create Daily Reports effortlessly… all while saving time, money, and protecting your company against potential disputes.

It’s that easy. 

The NoteVault Difference 

NoteVault is the ONLY construction daily reporting solution  to use human transcription. 

Our transcribers convert the audio notes you record in our mobile app into the text pushed in your daily reports.

Transcription also allows us to provide translation – if you have team members that are non-native English speakers, they can comfortably record notes in their native tongue, and we’ll translate the audio!

It’s like having an assistant in your back pocket.

ENR Top 100 Companies Trust NoteVault
for Their Daily Reporting

How It Works

Mobile Apps

Go completely paperless out in the field.

Record a voice note in our App and our team will transcribe it into the text of your Daily Reports. You can also type notes, take unlimited photos and videos with each note, track labor, materials & equipment (LME), and more.

Web Portal

Admins can supervise all activity happening in the field from your office - as it happens.

Our web portal is used to oversee Daily Reports, add and review content, and configure account settings and user roles.

Daily Report

Your Daily Report is pushed out daily, at whatever time you designate, and sent to whoever you select as a recipient.

All the content logged through our mobile apps and web portal will be incorporated in each Daily Report.​

What makes NoteVault great?

Use it everywhere

From the field, to the office, and everywhere in between. Record audio notes, take pictures, videos, or record text.

Comfortably record information - even with no reception - and we'll push your logged notes when you connect back to reception.

Cover your assets

Document any verbal agreements, change orders, and disruptions that may arise.

NoteVault keeps an independent record of events – including hosting and time stamping – making the data irrefutable. 

NoteVault: The Ultimate CYA

Go back in time

Access specific information in seconds with our keyword search. Skip the hassle of sifting through paperwork to find what you need.

Your reports serve as your digital database for any information you need.

Seamless teamwork

Benefit from increased collaboration and transparency on your projects. Share site progress and problems in real-time, as they occur.  

Consistent open communication for everyone involved - all of it completely secured and private so only invited members can participate.

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