Easy to use

Construction is hard. Daily reporting shouldn't be.Get detailed reports in minutes with our easy to use mobile applications.

Effective & Efficient

Benefit from 10 year backup protection if disputes arise (and given the industry... it's more of a when), and ensure daily reporting compliance is being met.

Users love it

Let's keep it simple - people are just more likely to use things they like. Because of NoteVault's simplistic and intuitive design, users leave notes more often and with greater detail.

Speak into your phone

People speak faster than they type. Use NoteVault to save time, avoid hassles, and get the detailed reports you've always dreamed of.

Add a photo

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Quickly and easily add photos to notes and observations to add context to the reports. This is your visual timeline and your way to capture all the little details.

Get a report

Daily Reports are automatically emailed to whomever you choose, every morning, and as a viewable, printable PDF. You can also view and distribute past or present reports online at any time.

NoteVault Daily Report

Automatically email Daily Reports as a printable PDF, and view real-time in our Now Report

Share Information 

Enhance field and office collaboration with company branded standardized reports. Automate your subcontractors’ Daily Reports at no additional cost.

Receive keyword notifications

Stay in the know with keyword notifications. Customize your own list of keywords to always stay tapped in when specific words are used on reports.

Organize reports into customizable categories

Use our default list of categories or supply your own, so that each note falls under a relevant heading. This also allows you to search for all notes included in a specific category.

Watch a Quick Tutorial

More of a visual learner?

Familiarize yourself with the features of the Notes! mobile application by watching this quick video and see how easy it is to use! 


Customer Testimonials

Notevault makes it simple to document a report every time I do a site visit. I snap a couple of photos in the app of work progress or really anything I want to document, such as a punch list item, incident, photo of material I need to purchase, etc... Then write or dictate a brief (or detailed) description. Notevault does the rest! The next day I get a beautiful PDF report with all of the information, even includes weather, location, time, and name of person taking the report automatically.
Aaron L.
Project Manager
I am going on 4 years of using NoteVault for daily documentation. The ease of just describing the day and backing it up with photos while out in the field is amazing. Send to Owner and Architect the day after with questions or challenges identified is a gift.
Dane B.
Senior Superintendent
It is a huge time saver. The photographic documentation, backed up with the written or transcribed notes, provides a thorough and linear history of the project. It also automatically records the weather conditions on the day the notes were made. It keeps everything transparent and holds people accountable.
Bruce P.
Principal Architect