CYA Stories

It is our pleasure to introduce CYA Moments! We feature real customer stories with some seriously real savings. With NoteVault, Covering Your Assets has never been easier.

* Disclaimer: names have been changed to protect the innocent

Project: $100 Million Retail Project

Situation: A walk-off

Multiple subcontractors walked off a T&M job because they had not received compensation in over 4 months

Cost: Expensive project delay

Results: NoteVault reports that contained many photos of the project were provided as “proof of work” to the owner in order to approve payments. Invoices were paid within days

Project: Tenant Improvement in Las Vegas
Situation: The Superintendent was presented with a change order from the painter for a paint touch-up
Cost: $30,000
Results: A photo contained in NoteVault reports provided proof that the several subcontractors involved in the project had equipment leaning against the freshly painted wall, leading to the necessity of a paint touch-up. 
Due to this proof, the subs agreed to split the cost between themselves. 

NoteVault reports made it a 5 minute meeting and seamless decision.

Project: Mechanical 

Situation: The HVAC unit blew off the roof in a store and insurance refused to pay

Cost: $100,000

Results: NoteVault reports had the necessary photos to provide “proof” that the equipment attachments were correct, and the insurance company was forced to pay.

Project: A Major Excavation

Situation: A subcontractor was not paid for extra time, material and equipment after a verbal request and approval by Owner.

Cost: $40,000

Results: One single photo in a NoteVault report proved the scope of work performed and the subcontractor was paid in full.

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