Discover An Easy Time-Saver For Daily Reports

  • Powerful daily reports that are easy to digest and share
  • Convert your team's audio notes from the jobsite into text for daily reports 
  • Allow our human transcribers to type your notes for you
  • Let our team translate Spanish notes into English
  • Protect yourself in project disputes with data storage for 10 years

Our free 30-day trial gives you a fully featured experience of the NoteVault platform and includes human transcription and training with our expert staff.


Leveraging Mobile
Reporting Technology

By using the NoteVault mobile daily reporting solution, your team is able to speak their notes and reports from anywhere on the job using the NoteVault app. Notes are spoken directly into the app continuously throughout the day.



As with all projects, managing risk is crucial to keep a project on track from a quality, cost, and timeliness perspective. Knowing about any delay or potential delay as quickly as possible ensures that issues can be managed without having to add buffers into every deliverable.



Having to write clear reports (with good penmanship) on the go can be difficult. Is writing perfect English not a high priority, or is your native language Spanish? NoteVault will capture construction-specific terms/acronyms, and translate from multiple languages into English. 

"We selected NoteVault for a number of reasons, the first of which is to streamline the documentation process, not only for documenting the daily work on the project site, but also to help defend against unmerited claims."

- John Roe, SVP, Claims and Contracts

Malcolm Drilling Company

"(NoteVault) is particularly useful for incident reporting, as our staff can communicate exactly what has occurred and instantly send that information to our corporate safety manager, myself and the project manager."

- Jimbo Bunnell, Vice President, Operations


"It's like being able to tour the job without actually being there."

- McCarthy


"We are finding this as a very cost effective way to develop reports."

- AECOM (formerly URS)


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