Incidents happen, and when they do, you need to be ready to pull the right people in to mitigate the impact to your project. 

AlertMe! is unique to NoteVault and designed with just this in mind. Simply set up a project and activate the AlertMe! functionality to easily manage instant group calling. Any team member with access to that project can initiate an AlertMe! call by recording their message into the Notes! app or by dialing the project telephone number. 

All stakeholders will receive that audio message via telephone call immediately and receive a text follow up, leaving your team member to focus on the issue at hand.


How do I set up AlertMe! ?

Your account administrator will need to set up a project specifically for this task. You may want to label this ‘AlertMe!’ to make it easily referencable in the project list (i.e. Safety AlertMe!, Coronado AlertMe!). 


How do I choose who can receive an AlertMe! call?

In the project user settings there is a column called AlertMe! that you can check to nominate the people chosen to receive an AlertMe! call. Don’t forget to have your recipients phone number updated in their user settings.


How do I choose who can initiate an AlertMe! call?

Simply go to your project user settings and grant access to all users you’d like to be able to make an AlertMe! call. In the event of an incident, a team member simply selects that project or calls the project number and leaves an audio note. The platform then immediately calls all nominated AlertMe! recipients.


Do I need to be in coverage for AlertMe! toinitiate a call?

Yes. In order for your audio note to activate an AlertMe! call, or a call to the AlertMe! project number to do the same, you’ll need to be in coverage.


How many AlertMe! recipients can I have?

As many as you like! You can have every NoteVault user on the project receive an AlertMe! call if you wish.


Can I use any phone to make an AlertMe! call?

Yes. If you are not using the Notes! app, please make sure that your phone number is listed in your user profile, and you will be able to call the AlertMe! project directly.



Very easy to use. Overall great app for daily reports. I like how you can print out reports on any day you need.
Richard O.
Field User
This is an exceptional tool for my everyday work. I can take pictures write what I did on a daily basis and go back and review what I did weeks ago which I have done many times. So glad our company found this and implemented it into our daily plan.
Bill B.
Project Manager
Loving the great software. Overall a great product.
Eugene B.
Project Manager