Power of Voice 

Get 900% more words (and photos) in
your reports with NoteVault's
Power of Voice.  Transform your documentation with unlimited transcription &
translation: powered by real people.
It's like having your own personal assistant in your back pocket.

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Keep everyone on the same page. Share site progress and problems real-time, as they occur.  Expedite resolutions of
issues, helping your team avoid potential 
financial consequences.

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Site Data Vault

Capture, encrypt, store, and share
your project site data long-term in the "Vault". 
Protect yourself  and your firm from claims,
now and in the future.
NoteVault: The Ultimate CYA®.

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For over 10 years, NoteVault has provided unique speech-powered
mobile apps to the engineering & construction industries worldwide

Our customers are property owners, managers, general contractors, CMs, & subcontractors

Property Owners

It's simple. Owners should never be in the dark on the progess of their projects.
With NoteVault, owners can follow all project activity every step of the way.

General Contractors

NoteVault connects the "boots on the ground" to the back office. Get your daily reports generated automatically every morning, enhancing your inter-departmental transparency. 
Include your subs for free.


Let NoteVault automate your
daily reports for you and your GCs. Easily generate time cards & production
data from your crew.
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